Tokyo Japan and Tampere, Finland July 3, 2019, Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd. (NMP) and Combinostics Oy (Combinostics) today announced the signing of an exclusive agreement to develop and market cloud-based dementia diagnosis support software (the Software) in Japan.

The Software was developed by Combinostics as an AI-based tool for clinical decision support in dementia.  In diagnosing dementia and neurodegenerative diseases, it is difficult with visual assessment of MRI brain images alone to identify subtle changes in brain atrophy and patterns of atrophy that may be associated with different type of diseases.  The Software quantifies MRI brain images based on the already accumulated data for objective measurements.  In addition, the Software also provides quantitative data acquired from a combination of multi-source data including neuropsychological test results to help the physicians make clinical decisions accurately and efficiently.  The Software has been authorized as a medical device and already launched in Europe and USA.

With expected increase in the number of dementia patients in the near future, the healthcare environment allowing early and accurate diagnosis will become even more necessary.  Providing necessary healthcare environment is an important mission for healthcare companies.  Nihon Medi-Physics, the leading company in the field of nuclear medicine in Japan, and Combinostics, a Finnish digital health company, will work closely together under the partnership to pursue development of the Software for the Japanese market.  The two companies will strive together to launch the Software in Japan by 2022 aftermarketing authorization is obtained by NMP from the Japanese Authority.

Hisashi Shimoda, President of Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd. “Nihon Medi-Physics positions “healthcare solution provider using digital technology” as one of the important business strategies.  It is our great pleasure to sign an exclusive partnership with Combinostics to gain an opportunity to contribute to treatment of dementia which is a critical social issue.  We look forward to providing various healthcare services utilizing digital technologies.”

Mr. Lennart Thurfjell, CEO of Combinostics Oy “Combinostics provides tools for clinical decision support in dementia. We have recently launched our product cNeuro in Europe and in the US. However, Japan with its aging population, is a very important market for us and we are delighted to enter this partnership with Nihon Medi-Physics around co-development of a product tailored for the Japanese market.”

About Nihon Med-Physics Co., Ltd.

Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd. (NMP) is a leading company for radiopharmaceuticals in Japan, with dedicated R&D, manufacturing, and stable, reliable distribution. By capitalizing on its forerunning technological capabilities and reputation in advancing the diagnostic nuclear medicine field, NMP continuously challenges innovative breakthroughs in Theranostics, and is a leader of nuclear medicine in Japan. Further, NMP builds continuous value to its core business assets by investing in R&D, establishing collaborative partnerships, and contributing to the health and well-being of societies. Please visit our website for more information.

About Combinostics Oy

Combinostics is a Finnish digital health company focusing on development and marketing of AI-based clinical decision support tools in neurodegenerative diseases. Combinostics’ cloud-based product cNeuro builds on the fact that these diseases are diagnosed using a combination of multisource data, such as imaging, lab data and cognitive test results. cNeuro combines all this information in a machine learning system that helps physicians do differential diagnosis and predict progression. cNeuro is used today in the area of dementia in Europe and the US.  More information is found on our website


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