Enabling early diagnosis and efficient management of neurodegenerative diseases


Healthcare professionals are often overwhelmed with data, making the interpretation challenging in clinical decision making.



cNeuro® from Combinostics gives healthcare professionals a comprehensive view of patient data which helps them to make an early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. 

While there are no effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, early-stage diagnosis combined with symptomatic treatment and lifestyle intervention can make a drastic difference to quality of life in later years.


cNeuro® is Combinostics’ cloud platform for quantitative assessment of brain images and for providing clinical decision support in neurological disorders.

cNeuro® has two product modules, cMRI and cDSI.

cNeuro® cMRI

Quantify volumes of 133 brain regions, vascular burden and in the EU, compute medial temporal lobe atrophy (MTA) score, global cortical atrophy (GCA) scale and Fazekas scale.

Compare measures to reference data.

Review results interactively in a web viewer using a standard web browser and obtain a report.

cNeuro® cDSI

Compare neuropsychology, MRI, CSF and genetics measured from your patient to data of previously diagnosed cases.

Quantify the patient’s similarity relative to etiology (AD, FTLD, VaD and cognitive normal) and progression (stable and progressive MCI).

Visualize data in an intuitive way with our patented disease state fingerprint (DSI) technology.

Three new journal papers published

Three journal papers relevant to cNeuro have been published in early 2019. Visual rating scales are commonly used in assessing MRI images of patients with cognitive disorders, especially in Europe. The paper in European Radiology shows that such rating scales can be...

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Meet Combinostics at ECR in Vienna

Combinostics will be attending the ECR conference in Vienna 27 February – 3 March. We will showcase our cNeuro® cMRI application for quantitative analysis of MRI scans, and our cNeuro® cDSI application for clinical decision support in dementia. You will find us in the...

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